Reclaiming warmth!


  Has everyone been as cold as I've been lately?!  I mean, I guess it doesn't help that we were in Downtown Denver at below zero... It was time I got a cold weather jacket.  I've noticed, as I'm getting older, the warmer I want to be when going out and "braving the cold." Hahah!  So, after [previously] scouring the web, I finally found the one when we walked into Patagonia that negative-number-degree day.  I spent about 45 minutes walking around the store, feeling defeated, and thinking I was going to leave empty handed.  But then I saw the tag, "Reclaimed Wool Parka."  WHAT?!  I tried it on, and of course, fell in love.  Discarded wool, organic cotton canvas, and post-consumer recycled content.  Renewed, stylish, and it keeps me warm.  Yippeeeee!

I mean, how can you not love this jacket.

Hope you're keeping warm, and happy wherever you are, and that your year is starting off brilliantly!  Live well, eat well, and exercise!