Blue coast planter potting?

No worries! Soil can be put directly into the planter.

What about watering?

Water will drain through as the planter isn't completely sealed off (this is to prevent root rot). Bring planter to sink when watering. OR, place a few ice cubes on the surface of the dirt so that they melt and moisten the dirt evenly and slowly (we call this “orchid-style” watering). And, water according to plant requirements.


We curate all our textiles from organizations that take donations, instead of heading to the landfill, and they aren’t always labeled. This process helps divert some of the billions of pounds of textile waste that’s produced each year by the US alone.

What about cleaning?

All our bags, totes, dopp kits, etc (excluding any products with leather, these should be spot cleaned), can be machine washed and let hung to dry.

And the serviettes?

Oh, yes! Those can be thrown in the dryer. Some may need to be pressed afterwards though.

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