It's a wanderlust kind of year!


[n] a strong or irresistible desire toTravel • Practice Yoga • Listen to Music Eat Well • Be Green • Appreciate Art and create a community around mindful living

The end of 2014 flew by so quickly, I felt like I wasn't appreciating the present because of all the activities and t0-do lists that were flooding my calendar [and mind].  But this year, my intentions are to be in the moment and try not to think about the endless tasks that always seem to keep me occupied.  I usually go for a run to de-stress.  However, I've started incorporating yoga into my weekly workout [habits].  It's much needed stretching and reflection time that keeps me from getting "hangry" without being hungry! HaHA!  My ultimate goal, though, is to be able to do yoga whenever and wherever I want.  Especially when I travel -  I have a constant need to feed my deep-seeded wanderlust.  So, to kick it off, I plan to attendWanderlust Squaw Valley!  Yoga in a destination I rarely visit.  I cannot wait to partake in the journey of mind, body, and soul!  Eat well, live well, and exercise! *Namaste*

Possible wanderlust feed for the year :  Europe and Africa,  And, going to Kauai for the first time!