Radiate protection


Happy Monday! The month of June has [already] begun, the weather is warming up, and the sun is shining longer! When I can, I am always trying to get the fill of my daily vitamin D. But of course, I'm constantly worrying about the effects of UV rays. Almost two years ago, I was flipping through InStyle magazine, and they had a section on sunscreens (organic and the not-so-organic/conventional kinds)...I kept a tear out of the article where they listed a bunch of "edible sunscreens:" foods you can find in your community garden, local farmer's market and even your fridge that can help against free radicals. Below are only a handful of edibles that are beneficial in protecting your skin from harmful UV rays.

- reference based on Instyle Magazine June 2012 & "

Edible Sunscreen Could Be Found as Close as Refrigerator

" (June 2, 2014)

Of course, as Harold Lancer, a Beverly Hills Dermatologist, mentions, the darker the color of the vegetable the more you benefit from its antioxidants.  So, we get more than just nutrients when eating veggies!  It gives us natural energy, keeps the weight off, and radiate UV & free radical protection from the inside!  But, always remember to still apply sunblock while intaking your daily vitamin D.