Tasty West Marin

A few months ago, my girlfriends and I booked a food tour with West Marin Food and Farm Tours.   Elizabeth, our tour guide, is very passionate about what she does, and had a lot of great information to share about West Marin.  She started us out at the Cowgirl Creamery for a cheese tasting.  But it was more of a cheese platter starter.  So much delicious cheese!  We saw where the cheese sat and were transforming into round forms of awesomeness for our mouths.  Following that, we visited Brickmaiden Breads, where we saw the massive and intense stone oven the where the mounds of sourdough loaves were baked.  The rest of the tour was filled with other local spots: Bovine Bakery (breads, pizzas, pastries, etc), Marin Sun Farms, Table Top Farm, Heidrun Meadery (Thursday-Saturday), Point Reyes Vineyards (Sunday), and Hog Island Oyster Company.  All stops were beautiful, and filled friendly people.  I guess when you live in a gorgeous and relaxing place like Marin, you're bound to be nice!  Plus, the weather was pretty perfect that day...

The Marin Sun Farm was one of my favorite spots.  There were rows and rows vegetable varieties, and a phone booth sized stand with an honor system payment method.  With the sometimes mis-labeled organic produce, I would like to eventually grow my own vegetables (and having the ultimate goal of being able to sustain my garden)!  Farming is fascinating to me, and I hope to learn any tricks of the trade soon. Right now, I have a couple of avocado seeds partly submerged in water.  Hoping to have them crack and sprout, so I can plant.

All in all, the tour was fun, perfectly paced, and is highly recommended.  Elizabeth also holds farm-to-table dinners on actual farms!  And, I'm [absolutely] planning to attend to one of those!