Simply beautiful...and sustainable too!

Ever since I came across these gorgeous compostable dinnerware items [a few years ago], I have wanted to order these for the many parties [my husband and] I throw.  But my lazy bum never got to ordering them on time.  Mark my words though, I will get these for the next hoorah.  (And will have the photos to prove it!)

This wonderful line of dinnerware was designed in Japan by Shinichiro Ogata.  Ogata designed WASARA based on the Japanese culture's fine attention to detail, refined food culture, and their open spirit of hospitality.  Each piece is made from 100% renewable materials (bamboo and bagasse), and is completely compostable.  (Albeit, it's up for debate if the process of converting bamboo to pulp/fiber to make paper and fabric is sustainable itself.)   For now, it is an environmental "friendlier" alternative to the conventional paper/plastic/styrofoam options.

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