Happy Earth Day!

photo from Kauai trip 2015 | Waimea Canyons

photo from Kauai trip 2015 | Waimea Canyons


Here's to our impressively gorgeous and fascinating world!  Happy brilliant Earth Day to all of you.

On my agenda today, planting a tree.  Well, donate to plant a tree as I have quite a busy schedule today.  If you are in the same boat, there are plenty of organizations that make it easy to help support the cause.  Plant-It 2020 has a list of locations from which you can choose, and it only takes $1 to plant a tree. The Eden Projects hires locals to plant the trees in their respective countries, promoting job growth and reforestation simultaneously. There is also The Nature Conservancy that plans to plant ONE BILLION trees around the world.  Right now, they are 16% of they goal, which they hope to complete by 2025.  For me, I plan to donate to each of these great organizations.  I hope you join in and celebrate in your own way.

Yesterday's posting has suggestions on what one can do to honor this day.  If not today, [of course] I won't hold it against you :), but then maybe tomorrow! Because, how can you sit on top of the world, if there is no world to sit on?

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Live, eat well and exercise!