30lbs of waste per month!


When that day comes, where I have my own [absolutely]  inspiring product line, I aspire to be like the Herman Miller company.  Aside from having fantastically functional office furniture (including the gorgeous SAYL chair pictured above), they have a multitude of other amazing qualities.  I recently learned, from Mark Schurman - the Director of Corporate Communications, that their Greenhouse building (where they build all their work chairs, and pictured to the left) generates less than 30 lbs of solid waste to the landfill monthly, with over 400 people in their workforce!  Can we say INCREDIBLE?  The balance is either recycled, composted or goes to their waste-to-energy plant to heat or cool the HQ campus.  (Side note: The [Greenhouse] building was designed by renowned environmentalist/Architect William McDonough, completed in '94 and was later named the 'Pioneer' LEED building by the USGBC.)  In addition, they recently were awarded the 2012 Excellence in Reusable Packaging Award, by the Reusable Packaging Association, for their Returnable Package Solution.  To find out more of this great solution, read more here.   After reading such an encouraging article, I actually wished I worked there!   And as another fun side note - See the beautiful wildflowers to the left?  They have an apiary on site and gift the honey to Herman Miller visitors .  Sweet treats and sweet products from a phenomenal company!

Mark Schurman also introduced me to one of  Buckminster Fuller's quotes:  He was an amazing visionary, architect/designer and a friend of Herman Miller's back in his day, is often quoted at the company ...

"On spaceship Earth, there are no passengers, only crew."