Low-carbon gathering


[small planter, large planter, cocktail napkins shown]

I like to have gatherings all year round!  And, the holiday season is only more reason to spend time with close friends + family.  Food, drink, gag gifts, embarrassing stories...what more can we ask for?!  Well, how about a low impact tablescape for your next gathering?  

You'll get: 

2 medium sized planters (your choice of color from options available, plant not included)

3 small planters (your color of choice from options available, plant not included)

set of 6 cocktail sized napkins

set of 6 dinner sized napkins

set of 6 recycled drinking tumblers

infographic of plants from NASA study, to help you possibly choose which plant to get!  (You'll have your own "electric-less air detoxifier")

Just like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram for a chance to win.  Winner will be announced Dec. 15th.