"Re"-cycling : Cycling as an Adult

stalkbicycle_clean Other than IT being really fun, and maybe resurfacing some of your childhood enjoyment, riding a bike is great for your health and the environment.  But, you already knew that!  To take it further, by adding a fun statistic....according to the European Cyclists' Federation, producing a bicycle only emits about one-tenth of the CO2 emissions created by manufacturing one car.  

With the weather getting nicer, I recently started riding my bike more.  And, every time I do, I feel like a kid again!!  The wind blowing in my hair, and going at my own pace, I can't help but smile when I ride.  But, I can't help think of the numerous benefits that come from cycling -

It's one of the easiest ways to exercise, and is softer on the joints

Cycling builds strength and muscle tone

Your stamina & cardio vascular strength increases

This method of transportation eats up calories quickly

It improves heart health and coordination

And, last but not least, it reduces stress!

There are also a variety of great smart phone apps that can track your routes, save them, and (I think) share them.  I've used "Map my Ride" to track my route and time only.  However, most of the time, I'm just so used to getting on my bike and riding, I usually forget to turn on the app.  Plus, I think my "running errands" route probably isn't a ride my friends would want to try out.

Happy and safe riding!! 

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