Lustrous luminescence

In this day and age, we're getting to a point where we will be able to 3D print just about anything.... Scientists, in the not-so-distance future, will make 3D printed replacement organs available.  [That's a topic for an entirely different phenomenal Friday.]  For the moment,  beautiful things, like the Philips 3D printed smart luminaires, are being created.  These printed LED lights act as the shade and bulb in an all-in-one energy efficient, gorgeously formed light fixtures.

hue_philips [source][/source]

When the time comes for me to re-model & re-decorate, these will be on the list.  Along with some energy efficient single light bulb pendants by Plumen.  And, I'm in love with these.

plumen_01 plumen_02 plumen_03


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