There's a Method to my madness

Ever since Method Home launched their cleaning products line, I have been a fanatic ever since.  My loyalty grew when I was shopping to replace my plug-in air freshener refill.  Not finding it in the stores after a while, I went direct to the source.  They said they had stopped selling air fresheners as it was harmful to the environment, and to stay in line with their mission, they decided to stop providing that product.   I fell in love.... but I was already partial, as the aesthetic pulled me in from the jump!   "Hi, my name is Rachel, and I'm a Method fanatic."

My method home. Forgot to add my laundry detergent, and I put my dish washing soap in my foaming "penguin" pump.

 They work wonders when I clean, and aren't harsh on my nose or lungs.  Now, they just need to expand their line!!  Car cleaners, drain cleaners, and dog shampoo are on the top of my suggestion list.  For the time being, I try to find recipes for home cleaning remedies or spend tons of time looking at the labels at the store.  

Fortunately, there were some awesome people that came up with the Think Dirty app.  It saves loads of time from head-scratching, while breaking down the toxicity level every day personal cleaning products.  All you have to do is scan the barcode and it rates each ingredient on a level from 0 (clean) to 10 (dirty).  I purchased this one lotion, and wanted to see how "clean" it was.  Because, honestly, I spent about 20 minutes deliberating which lotion was most natural.   Once I found out about the app, it was the first thing I scanned.  About 2 seconds later, voila, you get the dirtiness (or cleanliness) of each ingredient.  Take a look:

321 The other great thing is that they show you cleaner alternatives to your scan.  So, next purchase will be from that list.  Pretty easy, don't you think?  Maybe they can expand to the plethora of [ironic] household cleaning products so parents know the real effects of those not-so-clean cleaning solutions.  Get on it, think dirty, and shop clean!