Welcome to Thriving Thursdays! As a self-proclaimed food floozy, I love to eat [almost] everything that crosses my path.   I did this growing up, and it had resulted in a lot of weight gain during my formative years.  Thankfully, before high school (where I'm sure students can be most cruel), I was determined to drop the excess weight.  And I did.  I accomplished in mainly by exercising, but realize now that my eating habits up until about 5 years ago were pretty awful.  I felt that if I exercised I could eat whatever I wanted.  Even fast food.  I exercised as often as I could so I could eat those fries, that second bowl of rice, another portion of cake, and so on.  However, I received a wake up call when I visited the doctor one day.  They tested me for diabetes, as it ran in my family, and I had the symptom of feeling parched, and needing "to go" simultaneously.  The result : I was borderline pre-diabetic.  For most people this isn't that big of a scare, but for me it was: I loved eating [everything].  So, if I wanted to continue living life happily, and to keep enjoying my foods, I had better pick the proper foods to fill my body.  It started with brown rice, whole wheat bread, fewer processed sugars, and a lot of salad.  Local farming, non-gmo produce and the like were entering my vocabulary.  Then about a year ago, I watched "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead," a Joe Cross Film.   Since, then I have slowly dimmed my burning love for the things that are harmful to my health.

And, because I LOVE to cook, I want to share these healthy AND tasty recipes with you.  If you have any you would like to share with me, I'd love to hear about it!


tofutacoThis was quite delicious, I couldn't have just one!  I used spicy pickled okra...can you tell I like the heat?  It gave it that extra kick I'm always seeking in a taco.  I hope you like this dish as much as I do.  Until next Thursday  - eat on!  ... In a happy and healthful way nonetheless.  LIVEHAPPYSTRONG